Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Electricians


Electricians are part of a valuable industry of trade professionals. To stay in business, electricians benefit from a comprehensive insurance plan. The question is: Do electricians need professional indemnity insurance?

Contract Request

Some general contractors request or require electricians to carry a professional indemnity policy. On top of that, there are some trade organizations and state regulations that require professionals to carry the policy. While this is one of the main reasons to carry the plan, it is not the only benefit for electricians.

Professional Services

As an electrician, you provide advice on how the electrical wiring should be done in a building. Once contracted, you perform the services. In either of these cases, you can make a mistake that can be costly without professional indemnity insurance. According to Daniels, professional indemnity insurance can offer lawsuit protection should a client sue you.

Income Protection

A lawsuit can cause significant financial loss for your business. There are some things you simply cannot plan or expect. A fire in a home may be blamed on the electrical wiring whether or not that is the case. If you were the electrician, you could be liable.

So, do electricians need professional indemnity insurance? In many cases, the answer is yes. The benefits of having the policy often outweigh the initial costs.