Auto Coverage for Gig Employment

Gig Employment

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opening for gig employment opportunities, but an individua’s traditional insurance policy (whether general or auto) may not cover the exposures you encounter during your on-demand duties. If you get into a car accident while delivering food or groceries for a company, your claim may be denied since the vehicle wasn’t under personal use at the time. Greater still is the possibility that your insurance coverage will be canceled because of the business purposes your vehicle is associated with.

Protecting Yourself From Exposure

Because of the risks you face when using your own vehicle, you need to consider extending your auto insurance policy with an on-demand coverage. What is on-demand delivery insurance? In short, on-demand coverage fills in the gaps between a commercial auto insurance plan and personal auto coverage. It is a form of commercial insurance that you can use to cover your delivery services, whether you are delivering prescriptions to your neighbors or taking food from a restaurant to a shut-in.

Pricing the Costs of Coverage

The costs for an on-demand delivery policy vary according to the nature of your work. Some policies are only available for part-time gig work, while some states have waived certain business insurance requirements for delivery personnel because of the pandemic. Always check with your state’s requirements and any business you are delivering to see what insurance may already be in place or required.