Assisted Living Facility Residents Face Three Common Safety Hazards

Caitlin Morgan Insurance

Taking care of the elderly is a growing industry with billions spent annually. Insurance for assisted living facilities offers financial protection in the event one of these safety hazards causes a resident injury.

Alert Systems

Alert systems allow residents to easily and quickly call for help should something happen. Failure to install enough or any alerts throughout the facility leads to the potential for more injuries without sufficient aid available.

Incorrect Medications

Elderly people often take multiple medications. With so many medications moving through the facility, staff can become confused and issue the wrong medicine to a resident.

Unsafe Flooring

Old floors that peel up or have water damage can cause residents to slip and fall. Shoes can catch on tears and floor pieces sticking up resulting in injuries.

Poor Lighting

Insufficient lighting can cause residents to injure themselves from bumping into objects or slipping on unseen hazards. The experts at Caitlin Morgan Insurance know assisted living facilities can be in older homes. Addressing the concerns of an older home can help your residents see as they move throughout the building.
Implementing a safety and health program can help staff mitigate the risks associated with these safety hazards. Risk management helps lower the cost of insurance for assisted living facilities. Lower costs mean the facility can provide more services to residents.