What Is Artisan Contractors Insurance?

According to Merriam-Webster, artisan is defined as “a worker who practices a trade or handcraft.” When you contract your services as an artisan, you open yourself to liability and risk of something going wrong. Artisan contractors insurance in Champaign IL is available to craftspeople who provide skilled services like landscaping, plumbing, masonry, and carpentry.


Essentially, artisans insurance is professional liability insurance. However, the insurance industry identifies that you have different needs from a healthcare professional or attorney. Different types of contractors even have different liability risks that means they need different products. Artisan insurance was developed to cover your liability.


You need to know that artisans insurance only covers your liability if something goes wrong when you repairing, designing, installing or creating in homes or businesses. It will not cover your automobile or business office. It’s vital that you speak to your insurance agent about an insurance portfolio that covers your entire business.


Protect your livelihood with artisan contractors insurance in Champaign IL. If someone gets hurt because of your equipment or if you make a mistake, this insurance keeps your business from being financially crippled due to an expensive lawsuit and damages. Even if you did nothing wrong, your defense costs alone could be staggering. Your insurance is vital to your peace of mind as an artisan contractor. Make sure you have the coverage you need when you talk to an insurance specialist.