An Insider’s Look at Agent Effectiveness

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An Insider’s Look at Agent Effectiveness

Several years back, a popular television game show entertained millions by identifying and removing the weakest link from a team activity. When it comes to trusting your business to a local agent, you want assurances of competence and experience. By reading North Star insurance reviews, you get a firsthand account of the quality of service. Many people have a laundry list of things they expect from their insurance agent, but you can find a qualified broker by simply asking a few key questions.

What is the cost compared to the value of the services and coverage?

Is the approach client-centric with regard to accessibility, self-service software and communication?

What is the average timeframe for resolving or addressing claims?

What are the general experiences and business portfolios of the agent?

When looking at North Star insurance reviews, you get an inside look into the experiences of others while getting the answers to these questions. The size of the account or the nature of insurance coverage shouldn’t dictate or predict the type of assistance and attention you will receive. By comparing the stories of those with direct knowledge of the agent or office, you are able to get a reasonable impression of what to expect if you chose to give them your business.