Adding Roadside Assistance and Commercial Insurance

If you have ever had to rely on roadside assistance for your personal vehicle, you know how easy it can make a crisis. There’s very little reason to avoid adding the expense once you realize what a labor saver it is in the unique and rare situations where it’s needed, especially for annoyances like vehicle lockouts. You can add that same convenience to your professional life by contacting the same people you trust for your company’s vehicle insurance and inquiring about roadside assistance for commercial vehicles.

Protect Your Drivers and Business

Roadside assistance is a little different when it is aimed at trucking companies and other businesses with commercial vehicle fleets. Instead of being bundled into a vehicle policy, it’s typically a separately negotiated service with its own fees. Depending on the provider, you may wind up being assessed a cost per vehicle and driver or a package that covers your entire company. Either way, these service packages are typically national, with unlimited towing and unlimited service calls as well as all the familiar features you would expect, including lockouts, tires, and battery service.

Getting a Quote

If you are interested in adding roadside assistance for commercial vehicles, it all starts with a quote. Once you see what it costs to take care of every driver who works for you, it’s a lot easier to choose your provider.