A Short Guide To Insurance For Teachers

Teachers play an immensely important role in society. They are responsible for educating the next generation and preparing them to excel in life. Many of us can look back at the time we spent with our teachers and see the direct connections from the knowledge we gained then to our current successes. Unfortunately, being a teacher is not always as safe as you may think. Teachers are constantly at risk of facing claims that can devastate them financially.  Even the most caring teachers who take every possible precaution and treat their students like family can face claims of wrongdoing. This is where teacher or educator insurance comes into play.

Why Do Teachers Need Insurance?

When we think about teaching as a career, the last thing most of us would think about is the potential for claims of wrongdoing. However, these situations occur far more often than you would think. For example, imagine a situation where a teacher experiences violence from a student.  If this teacher fights back in defense, they could easily end up facing a lawsuit. Insurance can pick up these expensive legal costs so you don’t have to empty your bank account.

What Claims Are Covered By Insurance?

Many claims can be covered by teacher insurance.  Some of these are:

  • Injuries under the teacher’s supervision
  • Failure to educate
  • Sexual abuse
  • Privacy violations

Teaching is not always easy and can be very risky. Having good insurance can make all the difference.