A Short Guide To Agricultural Insurance

If you are a farmer, rancher, or grower, you need to be aware of the fact that you could potentially lose a lot of money if something happens to your crops. You may be extremely good at tending to your crops and take every possible precaution, but things do unexpectedly happen.  This is where agricultural insurance comes in.

What Is Agricultural Insurance?

Agricultural insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects individuals and businesses that grow crops of any kind. It can pay for any damage to your crops that is out of your control.

Why Do You Need Agricultural Insurance?

Your crops are vulnerable to a variety of threats that include fire, hail, freezing temperatures, and drought. If your crops are damaged or lost due to one of these events, it can cost you immense amounts of money. Agricultural insurance can pick up these costs for you.

What Are The Types Of Agricultural Insurance?

There are two main types of agricultural insurance available.  The first is called crop-hail insurance and it protects against hail which can be incredibly damaging to crops. The other type is called multiple peril crop insurance and it covers farmers against crop loss that is due to natural events or disasters.

Being a farmer can be rough when you are constantly at the mercy of nature. Agricultural insurance can go a long way towards making things easier.