4 Reasons You Should Have Contractors Insurance

When you are a contractor, you are the boss, giving you many perks and additional responsibilities. Contractors insurance protects your business, your employees and your clients from the inherent risks of building projects.

In addition to complying with legal mandates that dictate insurance coverage, your company benefits in numerous ways by securing the right policies, including:

1. Peace of Mind

Lawsuits are stressful, time-consuming and extremely expensive. Adequate coverage allows you to stay calm, knowing you have safeguards to prevent significant financial losses.

2. Reassurance for Workers

The construction industry comes with various job risks. Unfortunately, accidents happen sometimes. Workers’ compensation coverage pays for your employees’ medical bills and lost wages when on-the-job injuries occur. These policies save you money and often prevent lawsuits.

3. Trustworthiness

Let your customers know you care by stating on your website that you have insurance policies in place to protect your employees and clients. People are more likely to spend their money when they feel a company cares about its clients.

4. Claims Protection

When injuries or accidents occur that cause bodily harm or property damage, you are the responsible party. Contractors insurance prevents you from having to pay expensive legal fees and judgments out of pocket.

Shield your business from financial devastation with adequate insurance coverage. Consult with an agent experienced in the construction industry to find the right policies for you.