3 Ways Cemeteries Can Make Money

Cemetery Insurance

January tends to have the highest deaths of any month of the year. Cemeteries may see an influx in business during the winter months. While this is great for the bottom line, there are other things that can help the business make money such as cemetery insurance.


As seen on https://www.reganagency.com/, choose an insurance company with the experience cemeteries to need. A lawsuit can negatively affect the cemetery’s bottom line. The right insurance policies step in to help mitigate those costs.


Sharing staff with the cemetery business and funeral home can be a great way to cut staff costs. Having staff members work both areas prevents the cemetery or funeral home from carrying the full burden of maintenance. A groundskeeper can maintain the cemetery grounds and keep the funeral home looking aesthetically pleasing to family members.


With changing religious and economic trends, many locations are offering cremation and burial services. Cremation has become more appealing because of the lower costs associated with the interment service. For cemeteries operating with funeral homes, offering both options allow the business to meet the post-life decisions of both sets of people.

Running a business catering to the dead doesn’t have to be grim. Things like cemetery insurance can keep the business green month after month.