3 Reasons Your Wedding Band Needs Insurance

Whether you make your living as part of a live band or you only DJ weddings for close friends, it’s possible you haven’t invested in insurance coverage for wedding bands. Failing to cover yourself, however, can mean money out of your pocket and limited opportunities. Here are the top three reasons your band needs insurance.

1. Coverage for Damages

If the venue claims that you’ve damaged the floor with your equipment or the green room from overexuberance, your insurance has you covered. This offers peace of mind. Even if you are sure that you did nothing wrong, you don’t have to prove yourself; simply leave it to your insurance agent.

2. Wider Venue Availability

Widen your venue options with a policy. Many venues require you to carry liability insurance and may even ask to be a named insured. Having a policy in place means you aren’t scrambling to make do at the last moment with the first agent you hear about when opportunity knocks.

3. Protection for Your Equipment

All musicians know someone who has had an expensive piece of equipment stolen out of the van after a show. Inland marine coverage on your liability policy can protect the investment you’ve made in your livelihood.

Insurance coverage allows your agent to worry about liability while you focus on the music.